Pricing of yachtsurveys

Our fee for the survey on your boat or yacht.

As an indication of an underwater hull inspection, you can calculate with Eur 35, – and for a full condition inspection with a Eur 75, – per meter vessel length (over deck). Please ask us for a tailor made quotation for your requirements

Please also do not hesitate to contact us for information about appraisals, part survey’s or counter survey’s. We highly appreciate such personal contact as our work depends on understanding of expectations and your confidence in us and our services.

A verbal quotation is always confirmed and followed up with an e-mail, sent to you
In this email, usual the survey confirmation form is included, the agreements is clearly summarized for you.

No hidden extra charges. Our motto is: clarity in advance prevents confusion afterwards. You do not have to fear for unexpected additional prices for normal individual inspection items

You can expect from us

  •           Reports in either the Dutch or English language at no extra cost.
  •           If possible a survey at short notice, less than 48 hrs in advance, at no extra charge.
  •           Fair contribution to our travel costs and time, in mutual agreement.
  •           Extensive consultation and explanation before, during and after the survey.
  •           No surprise as to the Invoice. Prices per meter of vessel length or fixed amount per item             apply for inspection on working days and included with 21 percent VAT.
  •           Weekend days only in mutual agreement, with a supplementary charge.
  •           Except for small survey’s , we schedule no other fixed appointment on the same day, so             we can work without stress , time constraints and we anticipate on the unexpected.
  •           As soon as possible after the survey you receive our extensive survey report in writing,               by e-mail.  This is often within 1 to 3 business days.
  •           24 hours service is possible against a Eur 75,– surcharge.

We appreciate your presence during the inspection, but that is not compulsory. If you decide to attend we can give explanation of our findings and can immediately answer your questions.
We advise you, if practical possible to attend a part, for example the afternoon, but at least with the sea-trial.

Our reports are self-explanatory, so you can very well decide not to attend. We liaise with you during and directly after the survey if required..

Please contact us for a personalized quotation or information request..
That can be done by phone or by email