Pre-Purchase condition survey of your boat or yacht. Why?

Are you overwhelmed about the yacht during your visit, is she the boat of your dreams?
You want to sign the Bill of Sale, as made up by the seller or broker, without hesitation?
You wish to use and enjoy the yacht on the spot?

You imagine yourself already on board, enjoying life.  We understand such feelings and we wish you a well maintained, troublesome yacht, as advertised. But we recommend you nevertheless to have pre-purchase survey performed, prior commitments are being made by you, especially if you have one of the 3 aforementioned questions answered as YES!

Due to your enthusiasm for the yacht you are probably less critical towards the downsides, (substantial) defect, the possible consequences and associated costs.
And if you have noted them, they are often trivialized or even rejected as: part of the game, used ship, the asking price is a one-off opportunity, we solve any problems you want, no need to worry, etc. etc.
The seller is pleased to offer you his service. Of course, he wants to sell, that’s his role, probably his profession. Our independent yacht surveyor can assist you to maintain your objectivity as would be owners. With our pre-purchase inspection, survey, you have the tools to enter well equipped into the negotiations with the broker or seller.

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